RF63A91C377/TL 4-Door Flex French Door BESPOKE Refrigerator 670L

  • Dual Tone Design with Glam Glass Finish
  • Dual Flex ZoneTM - Temperature adjustable zones in both Fridge & Freezer
  • Precise Cooling | Triple cooling
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Designed for you, by you
Placed in a stylish kitchen, the refrigerator has a two-tone finish that blends seamlessly with the tones of the room.

A stylishly unique design

Bespoke - Customizable Design

Create a beautifully stylish and unique kitchen space with a customizable design. It is available in a choice of 3 patterns: a premium metal, a glossy glass and a matte glass. And you can combine these with various door colors, including Black, White and Navy.

* Color combination for each model may be different by each country.

Water your way

Beverage Center™ (*Optional)

Enjoy fast and easy access to refreshingly cold and flavored water. The Beverage Center™ has a BPA free* Autofill Pitcher full of purified water, which can be infused with fruits and herbs, so it’s always ready to serve. And the Water Dispenser ensures you can quickly enjoy a cool drink.

* Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, which are often used in food and beverage containers, and has been linked with possible adverse health effects.* Feature available at certain models.
Beverage Center’s Autofill Pitcher is next to the Water Dispenser, which has a Washable Nozzle that pours water into a cup.

Automatically makes & stores more ice

Auto Ice Maker (*Optional)

Make sure you always have plenty of ice. The Auto Ice Maker automatically makes and stores ice cubes. Its compact design also frees up extra storage space for groceries as it is half the size of conventional models. But it produces almost the same amount of ice.

* Feature available at certain models.

Auto Ice Maker offers the cubed ice.

Flexibly preserve the freshness of food

Flexible Storage

Keep different foods fresh in the optimal conditions. The FlexZone™ is an independently controlled compartment with five pre-set modes: Freeze, Soft Freeze, Meat/Fish, Fruit/Veggies and Beverage. There’s also a Flex Crisper for meat or fish and a Crisper+ for fruit and vegetables.

The Crisper+ drawer, in the upper left part of the fridge, is filled with different fruits, while Flex Crisper, in the upper right, is holding two seasoned steak. On the bottom right of the fridge is the FlexZone, which has three pieces of salmon.

Timelessly simple and stylish design


Elevate the look of your kitchen with clean and clutter-free styling. The refrigerator’s cutting-edge design features a timelessly minimalist exterior, with strikingly beautiful flat doors and no external water dispenser. Its simple and sleek look is accentuated by recessed handles.

The sleek exterior of the fridge gives a clean look to the modern kitchen, with a flat finish and no recessed handles.

* Image shown may differ from actual product.

Keep the air in your fridge fresh

UV Deodorizing Filter (*Optional)

Keep the air in your fridge fresh day after day. A new built-in deodorizing filter reduces odors caused by bacteria from the air in your fridge. It also has a UV light that continuously cleans the surface of the filter, so you never have to change it.


A built-in deodorizing filter uses UV light to continuously reduces odors and keep the inside air fresh and purified.

Precisely preserves original freshness

Triple Cooling + Precise Cooling + Metal Cooling

Keep food fresher for longer and preserve its flavor and taste. Triple Cooling independently controls the temperature and humidity in 3 compartments and prevents odors from mixing. Precise Cooling also minimizes any temperature fluctuation and a Metal Cooling plate helps keep the fridge cool.

The refrigerator’s four doors are wide open to display the different compartments of the fridge. The upper part is a fridge, while the bottom is divided into two sections. The bottom left side is a freezer, while the right side can be used flexibly as a fridge or freezer.

Do the SmartThings at Home (Optional)

You can see your favorite recipes and meal plan in SmartThings Cooking.

SmartThings Cooking

Smart cooking, Tasty food

Manage, prepare and buy food more effectively. SmartThings Cooking* lets you create a list of the food in your refrigerator and manage expiry dates, so you can check what you have anytime, anywhere. It also recommends personalized recipes based on your preferences and existing ingredients.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.**The screen is intended to help a customer understand and may be different from the actual screen.
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RF63A91C377/TL 4-Door Flex French Door BESPOKE Refrigerator 670L

Shelf 1 EA
Box 2 EA
Icemaker Twist I/M
LED Interior Light Yes
Box 1 EA
CoolSelect + Yes
Convertible Room(℃) -23~-15, -5, -1, 2, 4 °C
LED Interior Light Yes
Shelf 2 EA
Net for Freezer(Liter) 147 ℓ
Net for Fridge(Liter) 379 ℓ
Net Total(Liter) 526 ℓ
Gross for Freezer(Liter) 274 ℓ
Gross for Fridge(Liter) 396 ℓ
Gross Total(Liter) 670 ℓ
Cooling Type Triple Cooling
Display Type Internal
Door Handle Recess
Refrigerant R600a
Door Alarm Yes
Compressor Digital Inverter Compressor
20/40/40H (Container) 30(40ft)
Net Width(mm) 912 mm
Net Case Height with Hinge(mm) 1853 mm
Net Case Height without Hinge(mm) 1797 mm
Net Depth with Door Handle(mm) 673 mm
Net Depth without Door Handle(mm) 673 mm
Net Depth without Door(mm) 610 mm
Packing Dimension (WxHxD)(mm) 972x1995x776 mm
Net Weight(kg) 141 kg
Packing Weight(kg) 151 kg
Number of Door Pocket 6 EA
Number of Shelf (Total) 4 EA
Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer 3(Veg Box 2ea+Can store 1ea) EA
Shelf Material Tempered Glass
Egg Container(Egg Tray) Yes
Shelf Type Spill Proof
Interior Light Top & Side
WiFi Embedded Yes


* Actual components & product may differ from image shown or model you purchased or the country or region you live in.

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